Apr 17

Poetry Formating

poemformat from Christopher Zirkle on Vimeo.

Mar 23

Top Ten Test Taking Strategies

Feb 07

EMC Brings Math to Life

Employees of EMC in Apex, North Carolina spend their Thursday afternoons tutoring 7th grade students. It is always amazing to walk into the tutoring room and see students working one on one with the tutors. Mrs. Daniel has faithfully provided tutoring services to all seventh grade students over the years. Stop by for a visit or help with that math concept you can’t quite figure out.

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Jan 10

End of 2nd Quarter

The quarter ends next Friday. Make sure you study for your tests and turn in all of your assignments. We have been taking the Language Arts Case 21 assessment. Scores will come back in a week or two. We look forward to the results.

Dec 12

Bengal Success Vocabulary Week 2

Here are several activities you can choose from. You can even mix it up and have some pairs of students doing different activities. You will want to provide time for students to present their products.
1. Word of the Day Video Contest

  • Have students work in groups of 2-3 students to create short skits for there or four of the vocabulary words.
  • One students will be the announcer and the others act out the skit.
  • Give students abut ten minutes to prepare and then present. Vote to see which skit is the best. That skit will make it into our Word of the Day video that we will make in Language Arts class.
  • The key to these skit is to not say the vocabulary term during the skit. The announcer says the word and defines it and then the students act out the skit.
  • Watch this video to get some ideas( this video was shown to teachers during a WCPSS vocabulary training a few weeks ago)

2. Readers Theater

  • This is opposite of the Word of the Day Skits.
  • Have students work in groups of 2-3.
  • One student will be the announcer. They will pronounce, spell, and define the word before skit.
  • Students will write a script for a skit. The goal is to use as many of the 20 vocabulary terms in the skit.
  • Give students 10 minutes to prepare and then time to act out

3. Vocabulary Rap

  • Not many students will be up for this challenge, but you never know
  • Have students write a freestyle rap using this weeks terms
  • If it is really good we can record it in the studio
    (this video was shown during a WCPSS vocabulary workshop and many schools in the county use these videos)

4. Synonym Antonym Challenge

  • Have students work in pairs or a triad
  • Students will create two columns on their paper and for each word they will come up with as many synonyms and antonyms as they can think of within 10 minutes.
  • Count to see which group came up with the most

5. Word Tree

  • This is similar to e finding antonyms and synonyms
  • Instead of a list, students choose one word and create a tree.
  • The tree has synonyms and antonyms of the word written on the tree

vocab tree

6. Pictionary

  • Have students work in groups of four.
  • The group of four splits into two teams of two.
  • Group one whispers a vocabulary word into one person from group two.
  • The drawer for group two draws a picture for their partner. If their partner guesses the word, the team gets a point.
  • Now words, letters, or symbols can be used.
  • Teams alternate turns

7. Vocabulary Packet Activity

  • Complete the activity in the vocabulary packet that has not yet been completed



Nov 05

An Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Mind

Here is the blank Power Point template you can use for your project.


Nov 01

EMC2 Tutoring

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We had an excellent turn out for our after school tutoring with Math tutors from EMC2. We offer after school tutoring every Thursday. Come join us next Thursday.

Sep 30

Language Arts Vocabulary

We are having our next academic challenge. The Lions won the first challenge. They will be filming their challenge video tomorrow. This week we are studying terms 1-20. Use these flashcards to study.

Sep 27

Progress Reports

Progress reports will be sent home on Friday, September 27th, or on Monday September 30th. Parents please review all progress reports, sign them, and then return them. You can contact Mr. Morman to schedule a conference.

Sep 17

Scholars of Change Video Contest

I have entered the Walden University Scholars of Change video contest. Once per day you can vote for your favorite video. Here is the link to Walden University’s Scholars of Change Facebook site.

Sep 16

Top Ten Tablet Activities

Top Ten Tablet Activities from

Sep 10

Thank You

I just wanted to thank all of the students that helped out today with our grant video. We appreciate it. You did a great job.

Sep 04

Unit 1 Vocabulary

Here are the vocabulary terms for Unit 1: Life is Not Fair. Use these flash cards to study.

Aug 29

The First Week of School

The first week of school has gone very smoothly. Today was our first day running a regular schedule. We are in full swing and the homework and assignments are being given on a regular basis. We have study hall available every morning before school. Students are encouraged to take advantage of our before and after school tutoring.

Aug 29

Fire Drill

Today we had our first fire drill of the year. We just wanted to acknowledge that the seventh grade students did an outstanding job today during the fire drill. They were quiet, cooperative, respectful, and quick to respond. They displayed their Bengal Pride today.

Aug 23

Parent Signatures & Forms

Welcome to the seventh grade. Your very first assignment is to get some forms filled out by you and your parents. Here is the list of forms:

Falcon Park Permission Slip
Photo/Video Permission Slip
Teacher Syllabuses – Language Arts, Math, Science, & Social Studies
WCPSS Handbook
Agenda Signature Page
Parent Contact Form ( located on your team website)
Class Dojo Registration – this is to be completed by parent. You will receive a student and parent code. Create a Class Dojo account and enter the codes for all of your classes.


Bengal Pride

Fuquay Varina Middle School celebrates its students, teachers, and successes. Watch our Bengal Pride video to get a glimpse of some some of the routine activity that occurs on a day to day basis.